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William Betts' book "A 20-YEAR ADVENTURE" is fully published on Note that changes are made to different pages from time to time. This is the advantage of digital. Please note that this is a book currently being written. The book is written in English and a French version is in progress, which will take several months. With the web and browsers you can trigger approximate translations.

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Updates of two post 2010 galleries. One for a crop circle discovered in Beckhampton in UK in 2018, the other for a "lodging" discovered in Vouhé in France in 2023. In situ comparison of wheat stalks by William Betts.
crop circles site web france


Hello everyone !

10 years ago, the site addressed the following subjects : crop circles and their coded messages, the sun, exotics ( ETs and UFOs ), food, nuclear power, ecology, peace and war... All these subjects remain topical.

William and I have decided to resume a little service, the time of a book. The older ones might like it. This site is largely coded the old fashioned way but a “responsive” section is being put in place. We hope to return to certain subjects and the phenomenon experienced by William for more than 25 years in the field, in the fields, day and night in England. I remind you that William is English.

crop circles site web france
The digital landscape has changed a lot since 2013 and I sometimes glimpsed "the youth" taking over the subject on the internet and lecturing believers who precisely believe in everything and anything about crop circles.
There will always be nonsense, on all subjects in the world, crop circles are no exception to the rule. For these famous new generation lesson givers, there would be absolutely no mystery on the subject. It didn't interest me much during all these years of watching, nor did William. We had the same ones at home 25 years ago !

As they " know " everything, yes, they would have accomplished this miracle, now all they have to do is preach for their parish with the added bonus of a little notoriety to build up to web star status. We will leave them aside.

So, ultimately it is we who doubt. When we are told that crop circles are necessarily 100% human and that there is absolutely no unknown in this story, it leaves us unmoved. We have reasons for this and these reasons are set out in part on the site, we will come back to this.
You will therefore be able to consult the archives of this site again as well as news or feedback. There are three important sections : the in situ photos of William and his story, as well as the interpretations that I could give to these messages following my research when it could be worthwhile. Very often it wasn't worth it.

Some topics covered at the time no longer interest us, they are no longer accessible over time and sometimes they were only brakes...

On the other hand we still think that a certain category of crop circles was not produced by simple people with simple planks or simple rollers or any other object which would be used for the flattening of crops by a mechanical action, and we believe that an unidentified intelligence ( INI ) with "special" or even unknown technological means trying to send us messages or answers as we discovered the power of the internet with its access to knowledge and freedom of expression towards the greatest number of us.

If in the year 2000, the subject or the theme of the crop circles seemed " solar " ( in connection with the functioning of our star ), the vintage 2001, at the dawn of the global upheaval triggered by the attacks of 911 on the ground American, was in my opinion among the most important in the light of today's events because it seemed to embody a kind of epistolary exchange between this intelligence and us humans and more precisely between Russian children and hypothetical extraterrestrials in The Galaxy. These Russian children were trying to share their fears about Earth scientists who are inventing ever more dangerous weapons, if we take their message sent from the Evpatoria radio telescope in Crimea. In this context, the fields of English culture have turned into magic slates, and even if these fields have been erased by the harvest, the images of these messages have remained and are now circulating on the internet never to be erased again, except case of force majeure.

For my part, here is the question that I ask myself : could these crop circles of the 2000s be useful to us in one way or another today ?



I have been actively involved with crop circles since 1997 and have written a book covering my experiences. The book is called 'Crop Circles, a Twenty Year Adventure' and tells the story of my presence in the crop circles, in the fields, and elsewhere..

The adventure as described in the book weaves together various themes and elements, episodes of which seem to reoccur with regularity, these include :

  • Extraordinary events and synchronicities which can only be seen as an interaction with an unknown intelligence.
  • Photographic evidence showing proof that many crop circles are not made by mechanical means, i.e. with boards and garden rollers.
  • Water, and the similarity with the way in which non-mechanically made crop circles appear to resemble water in all its manifestations, as if made by currents created through an invisible energy flow.
  • The suspicion that our governments are aware that something very important is happening in our fields and that they are very concerned.
crop circles site web france